About Kelly & Kelley, LLP

Leaders in US and International intellectual property law

Kelly & Kelley, LLP is a leading intellectual property law firm specializing in U.S.A. and international patent, trademark, copyright, domain names, litigation and protection services.

We take great pride in advising our clients regarding their intellectual property needs and obtaining trademark and patent protection in a timely and cost efficient manner. Kelly & Kelley, LLP represents clients worldwide, as well as businesses and individuals throughout the United States. All of the firm’s attorneys have degrees in scientific and technical disciplines. We’ve obtained thousands of patents for varied clients

Kelly & Kelley, LLP has a varied client base encompassing individuals, professionals and businesses in the medical, sporting, entertainment, pharmaceutical, chemical, automotive, electrical appliances, consumer products, education, cosmetics, and food product industries. Kelly & Kelley, LLP has successfully obtained thousands of patents and thousands of trademarks for its clients.

Kelly & Kelley, LLP is committed to providing quality service, expertise and advice in an efficient and cost-effective manner.  We have built our relationships based on open communication, ready access, and immediate responsiveness. Our distinctive approach to client service is rooted in a common guiding principal of exceeding client expectations by delivering the highest quality advice and excellence in execution, built upon a foundation of uncompromising integrity.

Intellectual property rights are an essential part of day-to-day business life

Kelly & Kelley, LLP believes that intellectual property protection is fundamental to a company’s success. Legal protection for the expression of creative ideas and the outcomes of scientific research is essential for the development and long-term growth of business and innovation.

Understanding the concepts and importance of laws protecting patents, copyrights and trademarks is becoming an increasingly essential part of day-to-day business life and a specialist adviser in these areas is now a necessity

Have a creative spark? We’ll get you the Copyright, Patent, or Trademark!

Get a leg up on your competition with Kelly & Kelley LLP. Sound legal advice for today’s innovators.