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Intellectual property protection is fundamental to a company’s success. Are you a fast-growing business looking to protect your inventions and branding strategies from potential competitors? Or an entrepreneur who needs advice from experienced copyright, patent, and trademark legal professionals in order to optimize your business opportunities. Kelly and Kelley, LLP will provide you with the legal services you and your team need to launch, grow, and protect your business.

Kelly & Kelley, LLP has a varied client base encompassing individuals, professionals and businesses in the medical, sporting, entertainment, pharmaceutical, chemical, automotive, electrical appliances, consumer products, education, cosmetics, and food product industries.


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Much of our work includes patent protection. A patent is the granting of a right or title for a set period of time, especially the right to exclude others from making, using or selling an invention. Here are three types of patents that may be filed in the United States:

Design Patent Applications  •  Utility Patent Applications  •  Provisional Patent Applications .


The elements of a trademark – a word, design, slogan, color combination, sound, smell, or any combinations of the foregoing – are as varied as the companies that seek to protect them. Trademarks include:

Brand Names •  Service Marks •  Certification Marks •  Collective Marks 


Original works of authorship including – literary, dramatic, musical, artistic, and certain other intellectual works, may be eligible for protection under the law. Learn how we can help you protect both published and unpublished masterpieces.

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With more than 1500 patents and  over 5000 trademarks, Kelly & Kelley, LLP is an active Intellectual Property law firm. We represent many types of industries and technology areas.


Representative Industries and Technology Areas

    • Computer hardware/software
    • Internet and Mobile computing technology
    • Business and Advertising methods
    • Electronic components and assemblies
    • RFID technology
    • Petroleum/Biodiesel manufacturing and processing
    • Oil and water processing methods
    • Clothing, apparel and accessories
    • Eyewear and accessories
    • Audio devices and accessories
    • Sporting goods and sports equipment
    • Sporting events and leagues
    • Nutritional supplements
    • Automotive parts and accessories
    • Trade Associations
    • Motorcycle and Bicycle gear and accessories
    • Restaurant, Nightclubs and Food services
    • Medical apparatus and instruments
    • Medical techniques
    • Dental apparatus and instruments
    • Dental techniques
    • Construction and Industrial equipment and services
    • Plumbing devices and services
    • Fluid control valves and systems
    • Electrical/Lighting/Optics devices and services
    • Machine and Hand tools
    • Musical instruments and services
    • Acoustical and Design wall paneling and frames
    • Educational institutions and services
    • Toys, Games and Playthings
    • Novelties
    • Housewares, Home and Garden
    • Pool safety systems
    • Home Security and Fire Alarm systems
    • Paint Manufacturing and Distribution
    • Watercraft, Boats and Ships
    • Ship Propulsion technology
    • Product Packaging
    • Skin and Facial Care
    • Food and Beverage manufacture/distribution
    • Entertainers and Promoters
    • Photography